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We are specialized in custom manufacturing of prototypes, medium and large series

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Our membrane switches and graphic overlays are applied in various markets

such as industrial automation industry, medical industry, transport industry, food devices industry, building industry, safety industry, military industry and other industries and sectors

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Our products are made from high quality materials from the best suppliers of raw materials.

Our products are protected from dust, heat or cold, wetness, moisture, chemical influences, scratching, antibacterial. They are easy for maintenance of any control unit.

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Our main products

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Membrane Switches

Membrane switches and graphic overlays which we produce are used as a front element of control, design panels and control units. An important visual design element which is responsible for the success of any products. With individual design, thin, flat height, with connector, space saving and compact, perceptible key feedback, attractive additional features, easy cleaning and disinfecting (antibacterial) they are perfect choice for almost all equipment.

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Screen Foils, Screen Panels

They are used as a front / input element of control panels and control units. An important visual design element which is responsible for the success of your products.

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Laser Engraving and Cutting

Tastronic can meet all customer specific cuts made of wide materials such as acrylic, plexiglas, plastic, wood, leather, paper, rubber, cork.
Customer specific engraving made on wide variety of materials such as acrylic, plexiglas, plastic, wood, leather, paper, rubber, cork, glass and some metals.

Additional Info

Laser engraving and cutting instructions for the order

  • - Documents are required to be prepared in AutoCAD .dwg or .dxf file version 2004, Corel Draw .cdr version from 8 to x7
  • - Documents need to be only in one, which need to be cut or engraved
  • - Machine has option of cut and engrave, it is required to separate parts in different colors. (Ex. RED-cut, GREEN-half cut (outlines), BLUE-engraving)
  • - Parts which are required to be engraved need to be closed lines (curves)
  • - All fonts and objects need to be in curves

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Some of our work

You can see our short image gallery to get the idea what we were able to do. Contact us for additional informations about the products you would like to make. For more photos, please visit our Instagram.

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Short Questions


My requirements of membrane switches are only for prototype purposes, is that possible?

Tastronic is doing prototype series of membrane switches as well. Individual approach.

My requirements are mass production of membrane switches or need for cooperation?

Tastronic will meet your criteria and have short delivery periods.

We require membrane foil keyboards, where to get it?

Tastronic is specialized in manufacturing membrane switches and front decor foil. We are here for you!

How to repair machines and not to be completely replaced?

Tastronic offers fair prices in comparison with original spare parts of membrane switches.

Why manufacturer cannot deliver a foil keyboard anymore?

Tastronic is available because of high degree of in-house production, for small and big series of membrane switches.

How to upgrade our equipment with membrane switches?

Tastronic can offer you innovative consulting and support of your ideas related to membrane switches.

How to own unique membrane switch identity of your produced equipment?

Tastronic can offer your realization of your design vision, develop and manufacture all your needs for foil keyboards.

Our Team

People behind our business

Damir Ščurić photo

Damir Ščurić

Director +385 091 595 3561
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Anita Ščurić Racz

Sales and Export Manager +36 20 325 78 77

Please contact us to find out more about what can we do for your buisness